About Us


Emotn is a young, energetic expert and innovator specializing in projectors, TV boxes, and Android TV applications. Our business covers both hardware and software, offering all-around service for you.


As a sub-brand of Dangbei, Emotn is dynamic, vigorous, and fearless. Upholding the principle of innovation and intelligence, Emotn develops smart. projectors that combine practicality and style, and keeps refining its products to bring more freshness to its consumers.

Enjoy Movies ToNight with Emotn.


EMOTN software covers EMOTN STORE and EMOTN UI, which are alternative solutions replacing Android TV programs and large-screen games. Our software features simple and grand UI, easy-to-use and fast operation, getting rid of geographic restrictions and advertisements. No need to log in, it's much more convenient and safer than before.

The EMOTN software business not just serves users, but provides an opportunity based on API or co-branded solutions to OEM and operators. Our software provides a better solution for you in a monopolistic market environment, such as application distribution and Android TV desk.


Our mission is to create a friendly, free and open ecosystem.

We devote ourselves to providing users with a proprietary and customized system. The application developers can also have a new platform to show their talents.