Why choose Emotn UI

Emotn UI adopts minimalist interactive design concept, with high ease of use; It has rich online wallpapers, also allow users' self-upload to create their own TV visual style; The advanced technical architecture has low hardware occupation and can replace the native system desktop.

Make your own ui

customize your own APP row;
personalize your wall paper.

Smooth usability

succinct interaction design, has perfect ease of use
no popout, no advertisement

Advanced architecture

low hardware occupation
can replace native system desktop.

Make your
own ui

Rich 4K wallpaper

A wide variety of wallpapers, covering oceans, forests, lakes, mountains, cars, etc. Up to 4K resolution, there is always something you love.

Customize TV wallpaper for your family

If you want to unleash creativity, you will love the custom upload wallpaper feature. Upload your favorite photos to emotn UI and set them as wallpaper and screensaver to enjoy everyday memory.

Selected wallpaper portfolio

Say goodbye to changeless TV screen! We have careful selected wallpaper portfolio, always keep you in fresh mood; with every scroll, you'll enjoy pure beauty and find surprise!

Unique TV wallpaper function

You will enjoy a unique TV wallpaper function, which will make your TV looks vibrant. Wallpaper will change according to time, you can feel the change of light and shadow.

Real-time weather

With delicate UI and good usability, keep you aware of weather information

Shortcut for common APP

You can put most commonly used APP in the shortcut row of the home page


Building a family entertainment ecosystem together